An Interview with Aleksandar Dubackic, Founder & CEO at ProStats Analytics LTD. Read his Success Story

"Any business is a long-distance game, not a 100m sprint. Accordingly, we need to adjust and play for a good final result, even if at the beginning it is not as good as we expected".
Our CEO Aleksandar Dubackic gave an interview to The Worlds Times on the topic of our business, beginnings in the football business, success, challenges, innovations and further plans. A very interesting and inspiring interview for all people who are struggling and just starting a business. We started from the Bosnian 3rd League and youth leagues and making Player Highlights as freelancers. With a lot of hard work and faith, we have reached the top level of quality. Now we have achieved cooperation with the biggest clubs, players and agents in the world, many innovations in analytics, and we have become, in fact, one of the most prominent experts in the world in the segment of football individual analytics.

This summer alone, 15 transfers to the Top 5 leagues have been realized based on our Deep Individual Analysis and many lower-level transfers with our Advanced Player Highlights and Target videos and other services.
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