A detailed and concise analysis of the football player you want to signings (recruitment) for your club.

This video analysis includes a comparison with your club's player in the same position or analyze of the player without comparison.

It consists of all important segments important for one player like:

1) Impact and Contribution on team high-pressing, match intensity and transitions from one phase to another 

2) Detailed player's Role profile 

3) Player's X-Factor 

4) Tactical - technique analysis with video clips and 3D telestrations tools and drawings 

5) Detailed analysis of the problems from the games with video clips and 3D telestrations tools and drawings 

6) Advanced metrics, statistics and player rankings with comparisons 

7) Physical and energy analysis 

8) Analyzes of matches plus video clips (Highlights)

9) Analysis of Character Traits and integrity 

10) Final opinions and recommendations

This analysis will help you a lot when you want to signings football player to your team. It will reduce the possibility of your mistakes to a minimum. Thanks to this analysis, you will know exactly whether you need a specific player in the team and whether he can help you, and to what extent.

Also, the analysis will answer the question, what is the real potential of the player?

The whole analysis is based on facts and arguments.

This analysis takes 7-15 minutes.

We form the price for all products on request.

The video completion deadline is 3-6 days.

Examples on request (we can send you example of that analyse on your mail or whatsapp)