It's hard to imagine modern Football without a quality and highly professional player Highlights (player video)

Player Video is personal football ID.

This is the best representative of players to agents, clubs and public.

Player Highlights allow players to show their skills and player characteristics in a professionally made video that can be sent to agents or clubs for a review within a few minutes.

We offer services in making:
1) Player Videos for business purposes
2) Player Videos for memory

The price for player videos (Highlights) depends on: 

  • which league is played by the football player for whom the video is needed 
  • how many seasons you want to include in the video 
  • what is the purpose of the video (business or memory) 
  • whether you want analytics with professional advanced statistics and player league ranking to be included in the video
  • do you want us to include 3D player visualizations in the video

We form the price for all products on request.

The video completion deadline is 1-2 days.

Once we finish the video, you will get a trial version of the video (original video with watermarks via video). In the trial version of the video, you can give us suggestions. Afterward, you need to pay, and then we send you the original video.

We are obliged to send you the video via E-mail and WhatsApp.
There is also a possibility for us to upload the player’s video on Youtube. But have in mind that Youtube is not owned by us, therefore we are not responsible for further outcomes

You can see what Player Highlights looks like at the links below:

Player Video 1 (Highlights)

Player Video 2 (Highlights)

GK Video