Video Coach Profile - This is the model of presenting one coach to the public.

The coach profile contains all relevant information, such as statistics, experience, tactical knowledge, philosophy, education, video materials from the games, and so on about a coach. 

Video Coach Profile is sent to agents and clubs and is considered the best possible way of presenting one coach to the public. It's of great help to coaches when they try to find a coaching engagement. 

We form the price for all products on request.

The video completion deadline is 5-8 days.

Resolutions: HD & FULL HD
Once we finish the video, you will get a trial version of the video (original video with watermarks via video). In the trial version of the video, you can give us suggestions. Afterward, you need to pay and, then we send you the original video.

We are obliged to send you the video via e-mail and WhatsApp.
There is also a possibility for us to upload the player’s video on Youtube. But have in mind that Youtube is not owned by us, therefore we are not responsible for further outcomes.

At the link below you can see what the video coach profile looks like

Example of Coach Profile